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Sold at Auction: Paul (1848) Gauguin

Alias:Eugène Henri Paul GauguinEugene Henry Paul GauguinPaul (1843) GauguinPaul (1848) GauguinPaul Eugène Henri Gauguin Kao-keng
PainterSculptorStill life painterFlower painter


Paul Gauguin's artwork is among some of the most distinctive contemporary art. Although Gauguin started out as an Impressionist, he eventually broke with them, becoming the father of the Symbolism and the Primitive schools of painting. Many of Paul Gauguin's paintings date from his time in rural areas of either Tahiti or the Marquesas Islands. One of the hallmarks of Gauguin's work is his use of large blocks of color, rather than intricate details. Another is his employment of exaggerated proportions. Paul Gauguin's paintings were so radically different from the work of his contemporaries that he met with very mixed responses from critics and the public.

In addition to his paintings, there are many fine Paul Gauguin prints for sale. Gauguin was a proponent of woodcuts and woodcut prints during his lifetime. Invaluable hosts a collection of other vintage and modern collectible woodcut prints, so you're sure to find something to pique your interest.
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