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Sold at Auction: Gilbert William Gaul

Alias:Gilbert William GaulWilliam Gilbert Gaul
Genre PainterBattle painterIllustratorPainter


American artist William Gilbert Gaul was born in New Jersey in 1855. As a teenager, Gaul studied at New York's National Academy of Design under painter Lemuel Everett Wilmarth, and he later joined the Art Students League. Painter William Gilbert Gaul also spent some time traveling around Western America, which inspired a number of his genre scene paintings. Throughout his career, artist William Gilbert Gaul was greatly influenced by the U.S. Civil War, and won many national awards for his depictions of famous battle scenes. After opening a studio in Tennessee, Gaul produced realist pieces of everyday life there, and the Tennessee State Museum still holds a large collection of his work. William Gilbert Gaul figural paintings for sale feature subjects such as farmers, men rafting down the river, and workers gathering wood. Enliven your home with one of many realistic genre paintings available online.
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