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Born in Switzerland in 1901, artist Alberto Giacometti was formally trained in Geneva and Paris. Alberto Giacometti's sculptures and paintings were primarily portraits or abstract works. Later in his career, Alberto Giacometti's drawings were used to illustrate several books, and though he was a talented painter and illustrator, his real passion was sculpting.

Influenced by Cubism, Alberto Giacometti's sculptures depicted human figures that were in the form of abstract or geometric shapes. In the 30s, he became part of the Surrealist movement, and his sculptures took on a more avant-garde nature. This phase of his career didn't last long, and once again Alberto Giacometti's sculptures began to change shape when he learned new ways to recreate the human form. After the end of WW II, Giacometti expressed the suffering and despair left in its wake by making skeletal, deformed-looking sculptures. Browse amazing abstract sculptures for sale online at Invaluable.
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