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American artist Charles Dana Gibson is best known for his iconic Gibson Girl images, representing an ideal of American womanhood. They were heavily based on his wife, Irene Langhorne, and her four sisters, including Lady Nancy Astor. He got his artistic start cutting and selling silhouettes at age eight. While in his teens, he apprenticed for a year with Augustus Saint-Gaudens, where he discovered he preferred pen and ink to sculpture.

Gibson began doing illustrations for Life magazine, a new start-up, in 1885, and while he eventually contributed to most of New York's print media, he took over — first as editor in 1918, then as owner in 1920 — of Life. Following a brief hiatus after World War I, Charles Dana Gibson's prints and drawings have enjoyed a steady popularity. Artist Charles Dana Gibson's and other artists vintage portrait drawings online are some of Invaluable's most eagerly sought-after pieces.
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