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Artist James Gibson, born in 1938, was an original member of the group of Florida African-American painters known as the Highwaymen. The name reflects their practice of selling paintings along the roadside from their car trunks. Gibson, also an excellent salesperson, excelled at painting, and as his work became well known, people started coming to him to buy his artwork. James Gibson's favorite subjects included palm trees, seascapes, and landscapes.

Artist James Gibson worked for Albert Ernest Backus, a landscape painter, whose work influenced Gibson's style. Early James Gibson paintings have strong, bright colors that replicate the seasons. As he became more established, Gibson enjoyed greater freedom to express himself, and his work became more detailed and refined without losing its vibrance. The value of James Gibson prints continues to increase because of their dramatic showcasing of Florida. Search for artists that enliven your home with colorful seascape paintings for sale at Invaluable.
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