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Terence Gilbert began his 'official' artistic training at Camberwell Art School, although whilst growing up, his father's job as National Gallery warden had allowed him to gain valuable experience studying the techniques of the Old Masters. He began working in the competitive world of advertising as a free-lance illustrator, before deciding to devote himself entirely to fine art.

Terence's range of work is remarkably varied but cityscapes are amongst his favourite subject-matter. A Londoner born and bred, Gilbert has retained a strong allegiance to his roots and a passion for the city in which he grew up. Views of London, its buildings and monuments have always proved inspirational to Gilbert and the old Battersea Power Station and St Paul's Cathedral are both subjects he favours. He depicts such buildings with a great sense of monumentality, drawing emphasis to their architectural and structural beauty and often illuminating them dramatically against the skyline. Gilbert also explores a wealth of other cities; he introduces us to the buzz of the New York streets and plazas, to spectacular views over Paris, and to the intimacy of the Venetian palazzos. A skilled draughtsman, Terence sketches, or paints in watercolour in situ, before translating his images into oils.

In addition to cityscapes Terence is extremely well-known and highly regarded for his equestrian portraits and his paintings on racing and sporting themes. Notable commissions have included Nashwan, Generous, Istabraq, Florida Pearl and Rooster Booster. Moreover, he has achieved international renown for his portraiture. His most significant commissions include a painting of HM The Queen and President Reagan riding at Windsor, which was presented to the President at the White House and a portrait of HM King Hussein of Jordan painted at Sandhurst. He has been commissioned by stars of film and the stage, as well as painting many sporting heroes including our own Chairman, Sir Peter O'Sullevan CBE.

Terence has exhibited successfully world-wide and is in constant demand for new work.
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