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Sold at Auction: Robert Allen Fitzwilliam Gillmor

Alias:Robert Gillmor
Bird painterPainter


Wildlife artist Robert Allen Fitzwilliam Gillmor attended the School of Fine Arts at Reading University. At the age of 16, he published a series of prints in the magazine British Birds. Painter Robert Gillmor helped found the Society of Wildlife in the 60s, and he has illustrated over 150 books on nature. His watercolors are famous for detail and bold, vivid tones. Later in his career, he expanded his art portfolio to include lino cuts, silkscreen prints, and pen-and-ink line drawings. In 2006, artist Robert Gillmor published his first volume of lino cuts entitled Cutting Away. Aside from Gillmor's animal drawings, he was also commissioned by the Royal Mail to design over 42 stamps and has created British Birdfair posters since 1983. Whether you're an equestrian fan, a natural wildlife admirer, or just a plain animal lover, find the right beast for your collection by browsing phenomenal animal paintings for sale online.
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