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Sold at Auction: Andre Gisson

Alias:Anders Gittelson


Andre Gisson, named Anders Gittelson at birth, was born into poverty. Living in New York, Gisson took a keen interest in renowned Impressionists such as Monet and was dedicated to his pursuit of becoming a great artist. He legally changed his name to sound more French and endeavored to change his social status. The style of Andre Gisson's artwork reveals his wish to be seen as urbane. Prints by Andre Gisson depict landscapes, seascapes, and occasional portraits. 

Paintings by Andre Gisson show his use of vivid colors swept in small, discernible brushstrokes. Through his own cunning and versatility as an artist, Gisson enjoyed the success he sought. Indeed, President Lyndon B. Johnson was among the famous collectors of Andre Gisson's prints. He spent 40 years working in Connecticut and New York, until his death in 2003. Browse Invaluable's gorgeous seascape paintings for sale and bring serenity to your space.
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