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Sold at Auction: Alfred Gockel

Alias:Alfred Alex Gockel


German artist Alfred Gockel, born in 1952, published his first piece of art at the age of 8. He eventually went to Polytechnic Art University in Munster. While traveling later in life, he met Salvador Dali, who had an impact on Gockel's art. Preparing tar paint from his own recipe, artist Alfred Gockel created brightly colored masterpieces inspired by famous Cubist and abstract artists.

Alfred Gockel paintings for sale are detailed and fluid, often inspired by music, symbolism, and human energy. The U.S. Olympic Committee commissioned him to create an official artwork piece for the 2006 Turin, Italy Games. He is a talented printmaker and several of Alfred Gockel's prints are lithographic pieces, woodcut works, or linoleum etchings. You can browse other incredible abstract prints for sale online at Invaluable and search for your next modern work of art.
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