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Friedrich Goldscheider founded the Goldscheidersche Porzellan-Manufactur und Majolica-Fabrik in Vienna in 1885. He employed some of the best sculptors and designers, and Goldscheider figurines were primarily fashioned in alabaster, faience, terracotta, or bronze. His work was of his time, generally showing orientalist, art deco, historicist, and art nouveau influences. Also following the style of the day, his subjects were often North African or African-American. Historical and theatrical Goldscheider ceramics included subjects such as Joan of Arc and Othello.

When Goldscheider and his family left Vienna, they settled in both the United Kingdom and the United States. When they were granted a patent for bronzing statues made of other substances, the entrepreneur opened a Paris branch of his firm because the bronzed Goldscheider figurines were popular there. Goldscheider porcelain and other vintage and collectible sculptures are available from Invaluable to fit every taste and decor.
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