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Sold at Auction: Maude Goodman

Alias:Maud E. GoodmanMaude ScanesMaude Scules
Genre PainterPainter


Famous for her works of mothers with babies and harmonic portrayals of Victorian domesticity, the artist Maude Goodman was born in Manchester, United Kingdom in 1853. Though her father wouldn't allow her to attend the Royal Academy Schools or study in Paris, her stepmother gave her encouragement to pursue her artistic endeavors. Ultimately, she attended South Kensington Schools where she was afforded formal instruction. Despite her marriage to Arthur Scanes in 1882, she exhibited at the Royal Academy under her maiden name.

Works by artist Maude Goodman, such as And They Lived Happily Ever After and When the Heart is Young, are studies of the idealized Victorian household, with its mother and father surrounded by angelic children. Other examples of her work examine the close bond between mother and child. Painter Maude Goodman figural paintings for sale capture a bygone era of innocence and sentimentality. Discover the beauty of line and form in vintage and collectible figural paintings.
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