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Lachlan Goudie artwork has evolved greatly from its roots in traditional Scottish painting thanks to the artist finding inspiration in Matisse, Velazquez, and Manet. Thus, coastal scenes with rich pops of color became standard in Lachlan Goudie’s paintings, and the artist’s detailed still life images and lush landscape scenes won him the R.S.P. Prize for Painting from the Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Arts in 1999.

In 2004, Goudie graduated from the Camberwell College of Arts with a Fine Art and Painting degree. He is an international traveler, and Lachlan Goudie's paintings cover subjects ranging from the expansive Rocky Mountains to the lively festivals of Spain. Prices for Lachlan Goudie paintings depend on their size and quality, but prints make his work more accessible. Find your next international treasure from other skilled artists by browsing scenic landscape paintings at Invaluable.
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