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Sold at Auction: Francisco de Goya

Alias:Francisco de GoyaFrancesco José "de" Goya y LucientesFrancisco Goya y LucientesFrancisco José "de" Goya y LucientesFrancesco GoyaFrancisco de GoyaFrancisco-José GoyaFrancisco-José "de" GoyaFrancisco de Goya y Lucientes


Born in Spain in 1746, Francisco Goya was a world-respected artist who worked in a bold and romantic rococo style. Goya's etchings and paintings include many subversive or whimsical elements, and have often been taken as political statements. Goya served for years as Painter to the King and was Director of Painting at the Royal Academy of San Fernando, where he once studied. He is one of the last Old Masters, whose popularity extended far beyond his public civic life. Francisco Goya's paintings have influenced the work of many great painters.

While committing to canvas an astonishing amount of officially-commissioned work, Goya also created custom works of portraiture and small paintings of grotesque nature for his lesser-known but wealthy clientele. Goya's etchings and prints for sale, such as the Disasters of War series, are realistically and dramatically composed. Find historical etchings at Invaluable, including works from popular Spanish artists.
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