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Sold at Auction: James Walter Gozzard

Alias:James Walter GossardJames Walter Goyyard


Born in 1888, in Staffordshire, England, artist James Walter Gozzard is known for his oil paintings and watercolors of idyllic, pastoral scenes of late 19th-century Europe. Even the titles of James Walter Gozzard paintings, like Evening on the Canal, A Misty Morning, and A September Evening, convey tranquility. He favored simple landscapes, often with depictions of people going about their daily routines.

Artist James Walter Gozzard painted rural landscapes with such attention to detail that his works were well-suited for reprinting, even with early reproductive technology. Robust sales of James Walter Gozzard's prints and postcards allowed him to paint as a full-time job. While many of his landscape pieces were inspired by the English countryside, he also painted Italian scenes such as Evening Mists, Venice. Collectors can discover antique and original landscape painting for sale at auctions and galleries worldwide.
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