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Sold at Auction: Gordon Grant

Alias:Gordon Grant
Water color painterIllustratorNaval painterPainterEtcherLithographer


As a gifted watercolor artist, Gordon Grant is best remembered for his depictions of maritime scenes. Grant spent his childhood near the ocean, first in San Francisco and then in Fifeshire, Scotland, where he moved at age 12. He made this long journey over sea in the late 1800s. The trip left an indelible mark on Grant, one which informed his work for a lifetime. 

After studying in London to be an artist, Gordon Grant enjoyed years of success as a commercial illustrator before turning his attention exclusively to painting in 1920. He deftly used watercolors to create nautical images, and was lionized for his painting of the U.S.S. Constitution. Gordon Grant's lithographs and prints, along with other collectible watercolor paintings, are available at Invaluable.
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