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Sold at Auction: A D Greer

Alias:Aubrey Dale Greer


A.D. Greer, artist and musician, began his artistic career painting church domes, lettering signs, and producing murals on restaurant walls. Though the Depression years were tough on many artists, A.D. Greer carved out a niche for himself by creating art wherever he could. A. D. Greer's paintings and prints of vast natural landscapes of Yosemite Falls and the Grand Canyon, all in striking detail, caught the attention of the International Art Publishing Company of Detroit in 1934, and he became a nationally known artist overnight.

Greer's renderings include commissioned works for Will Rogers and a piece he entitled Cattle Country, which Lyndon B. Johnson so liked that he bought it and hung it in the White House. Buy rare vintage landscape paintings for sale at online auction to capture a historic view of Mother Nature.
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