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Sold at Auction: Jean-Baptiste Greuze

Alias:J. B. GreuseZhan-Batist Grëz
PainterEtcherMiniature painter


Artist and painter Jean-Baptiste Greuze was born in Tournus in 1725. Showing bright promise as a painter in his youth, Greuze was sent to Lyons, France, where he studied under the revered portrait painter Charles Grandon. Greuze went on to become a pupil at the Royal Academy in Paris under the tutelage of Charles Joseph Natoire, director of the French Academy in Rome.

Greuze first achieved salon success in 1755 with several highly acclaimed artworks, including such notable paintings as Blindman Deceived and A Father Reading the Bible to His Family.  As an artist, Jean-Baptiste would often highlight beautiful young women in poses of designed dishevelment, such as Young Girl Looking Upward (c.1778). Jean-Baptiste Greuze's portrait paintings for sale, which he became well-known for later in his career, established Greuze as a sought-after painter of genre portraits. Browse classical artwork along with other masterful portrait paintings online and at auction.
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