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Owen J. Gromme was an American naturalist painter known as the dean of U.S. wildlife artists. Owen J. Gromme's paintings of birds, in particular, are in the style of Audubon, with realistic colors and true proportions, yet painted in their native habitats. Owen J. Gromme wildlife prints also include many mammals on display at the Milwaukee Public Museum in Wisconsin, where he was a curator, taxidermist, writer, lecturer, and photographer. Gromme was also a dedicated wildlife conservationist.

Many Owen J. Gromme paintings in oil became part of his opus Birds of Wisconsin, a description of all known birds in that Midwest state. Among Owen J. Gromme's artwork of animals, including print reproductions, is a black and whitewash painting of shovelers that was the prototype for the Federal Government's 1945-46 migratory bird hunting stamp, and signed prints from the original are highly prized. Look for collectible animal prints for sale at Invaluable and let all the animal lovers in your home enjoy wildlife works.
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