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Sold at Auction: Francesco Guardi

Alias:Francesco "de'" Guardi
PainterHistorical-scenes painterFlower painter


Artist Francesco Guardi was an 18th century Italian who lived in Venice. He specialized in veduta, the Italian term for view painting. This form of art, popularized by 17th century Dutch painters, entailed creating accurate representations of seascapes, cityscapes, and buildings, with almost photographic detail. Francesco Guardi, painter, studied art at the workshop of Michele Marieschi. Initially inspired by the formal work of Canaletto, Guardi progressively developed a freer and more Expressionist style. For example, he repositioned buildings and altered lighting to improve his compositions. Francesco Guardi maritime paintings for sale have vibrance and energy not apparent in the formal works of earlier veduta artists. A prolific creator, artist Francesco Guardi's depictions of Venice were popular among local patrons and foreign tourists visiting the city. In 1784, he was appointed to the Venetian Academy. Enjoy the realism and rich detail of veduta art and other maritime seascapes for sale online.
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