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Ismail Gulgee Sold at Auction Prices

Painter, Sculptor, b. 1926 - d. 2007

Painter Ismail Gulgee was a self-taught Pakistani painter celebrated for his contributions to Abstract Impressionism and calligraphy. Born in 1926, Gulgee originally studied civil engineering at several prestigious universities in India and the United States. It was during his time in America that artist Ismail Gulgee developed his unique style of painting, and he later went on to be a successful portraitist, with commissions from high-profile politicians, including several presidents from the United States.

Vibrant colors and energetic brushstrokes set artist Ismail Gulgee's abstract work apart from others, and his pieces have been exhibited in museums all over the world. Gulgee abstract paintings for sale often feature Arabic calligraphy, and many of the canvases are sprinkled with gold, silver, and bits of mirror. Invaluable has many collectible abstract paintings for sale for those looking for the perfect piece to brighten up a home.

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