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Sold at Auction: Henk Guth

Alias:Henk Gerrit Guth


Holland-born artist Henk Guth survived the horrors of a WW II concentration camp when he was sent there for being part of the underground resistance to the Nazi regime. Several years after his liberation, he moved to Alice Springs, Australia. Henk Guth's oil paintings include a large, 360-degree panorama that he painted on location above his gallery, Art Studio Guth. Artist Henk Guth's vivid depictions of central Australia are some of his most vibrant pieces, and the realism of the natural landscape of the bush-lands often make viewers feel as if they are transported there.

Henk Guth's artwork for sale showcases his details with paint, panoramic art, and his love of Australia and its indigenous people. Unfortunately, two years after his death, the gallery burned down and all of the Aboriginal artifacts and paintings were destroyed. Find your next artistic treasure by browsing oil paintings for sale online.
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