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Uragami Gyokudo Sold at Auction Prices

b. 1745 - d. 1820

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    • URAGAMI GYOKUDO (1745-1820)
      Sep. 24, 2020

      URAGAMI GYOKUDO (1745-1820)

      Est: $6,000 - $8,000

      URAGAMI GYOKUDO (1745-1820) True Flavor of the Mountain 12 x 6 ¾ in. (30.5 x 17.1 cm.)

    • Uragami Gyokudo (1745-1820) Landscape with Figure
      Sep. 13, 2017

      Uragami Gyokudo (1745-1820) Landscape with Figure

      Est: $15,000 - $25,000

      Landscape with Figure An album leaf mounted as a hanging scroll, ink on paper; entitled Kantei shokushin (Base of a waterfall, gathering firewood), signed Gyokudo, with one seal Gyokudo kinshi (impressed upside down) With two wood storage boxes, one with collector's inscription 10 x 6 7/8in (25.5 x 17.6cm) Footnotes Uragami Gyokudo (1745-1820) is one of the most fascinating artists of the Edo period. Though not a professional painter--he prided himself more on his expertise with the qin (a Chinese zither-like instrument)--his paintings are surprisingly in tune with a twentieth- or twenty-first-century sensibility. Landscapes that turn and twist, mountain peaks that tilt, odd circular "rock"-like forms that both define and defy nature, brushwork not merely descriptive or simply abstract--Gyokudo's landscapes captivate the most jaded modern eye that disparages all but contemporary art. Seemly simple, his execution is extremely sophisticated, recalling the best of Chinese literati painting. The brushwork, the interweaving and overlaying of wet and dry brushstrokes, the use of heavy and light ink, and the sense of abandon despite his total control of the medium, are accompanied by a sensibility that conveys an intensity and monumentality to the smallest of works. All in a state of continual flux, always intriguing, never resting but still a with sense of tranquility, the artistic image of this visionary still resonates without boundaries in today's world. An excellent monograph on this extraordinary artist is presented in James Cahill, Scholar Painters of Japan: The Nanga School, New York, Asia Society, 1972, pp.71-86.

    • In der Art von Uragami Gyokudô
      Jun. 09, 2012

      In der Art von Uragami Gyokudô

      Est: €400 - €500

      In der Art von Uragami Gyokudô (1745-1820)Hängerolle. Chinesische Landschaft mit Spaziergängern auf einer Bogenbrücke, Gehöften und einem Boot. Tusche und wenige, leichte Farben auf dunkler Seide mit hinterlegten Rissen. Aufschrift, datiert Bunka 1 (1804) und bez.: Ki Gyokudô. Drei Siegel. 132,7 x 37,9 cm. Neue Montierung.A hanging scroll in the manner of Gyokudô depicting a Chinese landscape. Ink and very few light colours on darkend silk with repairs. Inscription dated Bunka 1 (1804) and inscribed Ki Gyokudô and sealed. New mounting.

      Kunsthaus Lempertz KG
    • Uragami Gyokudo (1745-1820)
      Sep. 22, 2005

      Uragami Gyokudo (1745-1820)

      Est: $40,000 - $50,000

      Ikkan choshun (Lone angler in springtime) Titled and signed Ikkan choshun Gyokudo, sealed Kin'o and Hakuzen kinshi Hanging scroll; ink and slight color on paper 11 1/4 x 9 1/2 in. (18.5 x 24cm.)

    • Uragami Gyokudo (1745-1820)
      Mar. 23, 2004

      Uragami Gyokudo (1745-1820)

      Est: $35,000 - $45,000

      Sanchu ketsuro zu (Mountains in the mist) Signed Gyokudo, sealed Gyokudo kinsen and Ki hitsu Kunpo Hanging scroll; ink and slight color on paper 9 3/4 x 23 3/8 in. (24.8 x 59.3 cm.)

      Nov. 25, 2003


      Est: €700 - €800

      Cachets Théodore Duret, Huguette Berès 29,9x15,7 cm 1 VOLUME COMPLET. ALBUM DE PEINTURE DE TYPE ORIHON. 16 vues d'Osaka identifiées, toutes les pages avec le sceau de Gyokudô, dernière page signée : 'seize vues copiées d'après la nature par Roshu'. COUVERTURE en tissu marron avec bandeau de titre d'origine. Couverture légèrement défraîchie. Bandeau de titre usé. Petites taches brunes sur les feuillets. Cover slightly worn. Title strip worn. Slight foxing on pages.Very good condition.

    • Uragami Gyokudo (1745-1820)
      Mar. 24, 2003

      Uragami Gyokudo (1745-1820)

      Est: $50,000 - $70,000

      Hanku en'u (Half the sky is misty rain) Dated and signed Mizunoto tori no shunjitsu (spring, 1813) Gyokudo kinshi saku jinen nanaju, sealed Bunai daijin no son Hanging scroll; ink on paper 611/4 x 283/4in. (155.8 x 73cm.) NOTES Published: Stephen Addiss, Tall Mountains and Flowing Waters: The Arts of Uragami Gyokudo (Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1987), fig. 5.21.

    • URAGAMI GYOKUDO (1745-1820)
      Sep. 18, 2002

      URAGAMI GYOKUDO (1745-1820)

      Est: $150,000 - $200,000

      Tencho roen zu (Picture of Tian chang lu yuan ) Signed Gyokudo, titled as above and sealed Kinno Hanging scroll; ink on paper 12 1/8 x 201/4 in. (30.7 x 51.5 cm.) EXHIBITION Fukushima Museum, Aizu Wakamatsu, "Daiikkai kikakuten--Gyokudo to Shunkin, Shukin--Uragami Gyokudo oyako no geijutsu (First special exhibition--Gyokudo and Shunkin, Shukin--Art of Uragami Gyokudo and his sons)," 1994.4.23--6.5 Hayashibara Museum, Okayama, "Seitan nihyakugojunen kinen tokubetsuten--Uragami Gyokudo (Special exhibition: Uragami Gyokudo, 250th anniversary of his birth)," 1995.4.22--5.21 NOTES PUBLISHED: Wakita Hidetaro, Uragami Gyokudo, vol. 20 of Nihon bijutsu kaiga zenshu (Complete Japanese landscape paintings) (Tokyo: Shueisha, 1978), pl. 86. Tanaka Ichimatsu et al., eds., Uragami Gyokudo gafu (Paintings of Uragami Gyokudo), vol. 3 (Tokyo: Chuo Koron Bijutsu Shuppan, 1979), pl. 201, ref. no. 51 (by Yoshizawa Chu). Sasaki Johei, Uragami Gyokudo, vol. 56 of Bukku obu bukkusu (Book of books) Nihon no bijutsu (Tokyo: Shogakukan, 1980), pl. 59. Fukushima Museum, ed., Daiikkai kikakuten--Gyokudo to Shunkin, Shukin--Uragami Gyokudo oyako no geijutsu (First special exhibition--Gyokudo and Shunkin, Shukin--Art of Uragami Gyokudo and his sons), exh. cat. (Aizu Wakamatsu: Fukushima Museum, 1994), pl. 64. Hayashibara Museum, ed., Seitan nihyakugojunen kinen tokubetsuten: Uragami Gyokudo (Special exhibition: Uragami Gyokudo, 250th anniversary of his birth), exh. cat. (Okayama: Hayashibara Museum, 1995), pl. 46. Box certification by the painter Kumagai Morikazu (1880-1977). The painting illustrates the Chinese phrase " Tian chang lu yuan," meaning heaven is eternal and the world full of spirits. The phrase, inscribed on the painting, is taken from Nan shi: Sun Shang yun (Southern history: The sayings of Sun Shang). Enclosed by a casually drawn fan shape, the mountain landscape is painted in a dry-brush technique with a crystalline clarity. Delicate vertical striations in the foreground trees add a subtle accent. The painting is thought to date from the last five years of the artist's life. It is closely related in style and date to another masterwork from his final years, Sanko Osen zu (Mountains dyed scarlet) in the Kimura Collection, which is classified as an Important Cultural Property. (See Tanaka Ichimatsu et al., Uragami Gyokudo gafu, vol. 3, pl. 247; Stephen Addis, Tall Mountains and Flowing Waters: The Arts of Uragami Gyokudo (Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1987), pl. 4.).

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