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b. 1957 -

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      May. 09, 2017


      Est: $100 - $150

      JOHNSON HAGOOD DOCUMENT GROUPING (1829 - 1898) Confederate brigadier general and 80th Governor of South Carolina from 1880-82. Lot of 11documents, includes: 1) One-page letter from Hagood, in a secretarial hand, on "Executive Department, Office of the Controller," letterhead, 8" x 10", dated July 27, 1877, to S[amuel]. E. Moore, Treasurer of Anderson County, South Carolina, regarding the payment of expenses associated with assessments currently being made. 2) One-page letter from Hagood, in a secretarial hand, on official letterhead, 8" x 10", dated September 5, 1877, to [Samuel]. E. Moore, informing him of the duty of "County Commissioners to furnish you with office furniture, Stationary, etc." 3) A note by Hagood, in a secretarial hand, 4" x 8", dated August 22, 1877, regarding "opinion of Atty. Genl. in the matter of the Bridge Claims in Anderson Co." 4) One-page handwritten draft, in a secretarial hand, on official letterhead, 8" x 10", dated November 30, 1877, of "Circular No. 19," which stated "The delinquent Land Sales in your County are postponed by action of the Legislature until further notice from this Office." 5) One-page letter, in a secretarial hand, on official letterhead, 8" x 10", dated April 18, 1878, to Samuel E. Moore requesting him "to take the necessary steps to begin the collection of taxes on the 1st Prox." 6) Two-page letter, in a secretarial hand, on official letterhead, 8" x 10", dated May 7, 1878, to S[amuel]. E. Moore, informing him of the provisions of the recently passed "Act to alter & amend the School Law of the State of So. Ca." The pages of this letter are glued together at the bottom. 7) A two-page letter from Samuel E. Moore, on two sides of a 5" x 7.75" sheet, dated March 2 [1878]?, to Hagood regarding instructions on how to deal with an individual who purchased property but refused to pay all of the taxes owed by the previous owner. On back of the letter, Hagood replied in his own hand and signature, dated 6 March 1878. This letter is missing a small piece at the bottom of the, affecting one word of Moore''s letter. 8) A one-page form letter, printed in blue script from a secretarial hand, 5 3/8" x 5 3/8", dated December 14, 1878, to the Treasurer of "Anderson" County, regarding levies of the a local railroad company. 9) A five-page printed circular [Circular No. 2. - Series 2.], 5.75" x 9.25", issued by the Office of Comptroller General on January 2, 1879, which summarizes "legislation, at the Session of December, 1878, relating" to duties of the Hagood''s office. 10) A one-page letter from Samuel E Moore, 5" x 8", dated February 17, 1879, to Hagood, regarding the turning over to county commissioners individuals who have not paid taxes. On the back of the letter, Hagood, on February 19, 1879, responds in his own hand and signature. 11) A one-page memo, in a secretarial hand, on a 3 3/8" x 8" printed sheet "Memorandum from Johnson Hagood, Comptroller General State of South Carolina," dated April 18, 1879, to an unnamed recipient, stating that "These Petitions are not signed by the applicant."

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    • Johnson Hagood
      Dec. 09, 2009

      Johnson Hagood

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      Autograph: Johnson Hagood Confederate Brigadier general, later the governor of South Carolina from 1880 to 1882. War-dated partly-printed DS, signed “Johnson Hagood, Brig Gen Comdg,” one page, 16.25 x 12, August 31, 1862. An abstract of subsistence rations issued to troops in the districts of South Carolina and Georgia. Document lists the drawn rations of 11 different stores, including beef, bacon, rice, sugar, soap, and candles, with the quantity in bulk listed at the bottom. Boldly signed along the bottom edge. In very good condition, with intersecting folds, scattered creases and wrinkles, a couple small holes of paper loss, and a bit of scattered light toning. In 1861, Hagood volunteered for the Confederate States Army and was made a colonel in the 1st South Carolina Volunteers. He participated in the Battle of Fort Sumter and the First Battle of Bull Run, after which he returned to South Carolina with his regiment and was appointed brigadier general on July 21, 1862. He participated in several other campaigns during the war, including the battles of Drewry’s Bluff and Cold Harbor, but it was the newly elevated general who was responsible for approving the offered paperwork during a time of war. RRAuction COA.

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