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Alfred Hair


Artist Alfred Hair was born in 1941, and had a short but prestigious artistic career. He was the founder of the Highwaymen art movement, employing a team of people to produce and distribute his art. Most of Alfred Hair's paintings for sale were fast-paint creations, a method that used multiple artists to complete a painting in an assembly line manner.

Though mass-produced, Alfred Hair prints of Florida landscapes were rich in color and sold well among tourists. Using oil paints, Hair captured the flowering trees, sandy beaches, and rolling waves that define Florida. The most popular Alfred Hair prints have been reproduced from his slow-paint creations that were completed entirely by the artist. Sadly, Hair's life was cut short at the age of 29, when he died en route to the hospital after being shot at a bar. Check out other styles of artwork by viewing enchanting landscape paintings for sale online at Invaluable.

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