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Born in the English Midlands in 1936, artist Nigel Hallard spent his early career as an engineer. The art world called to him, and eventually he began portrait painting and interior design work. His move to Cornwall in the mid-60s cemented his commitment, and several popular Nigel Hallard landscapes for sale are early oil paintings that depict Mousehole, the town where he still maintains a gallery. Artist Nigel Hallard opened another studio in Brittany, France, 20 years later, and he splits time between the two locations. Painter Nigel Hallard's style is generally considered Impressionism, but it's clear the artist is moved to his approach by subject and mood. Aesthetic detail combined with warm blends of color and light dominate his depictions of ships, riversides, country scenes, and farms. Discover expressive and organic landscape art and add a dynamic touch to your home.
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