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The name Shoji Hamada often arises within the history of pottery as one of the greatest artists within the medium. Born in 1894, artist Shoji Hamada briefly studied at Tokyo Technical College, before meeting the British potter, Bernard Leach. They worked together for a few years; one of their projects involved creating a climbing kiln for the St. Ives pottery colony. He became known for Mingei (a.k.a. folk art) designs, and in 1932, Shoji Hamada began offering pottery art for sale in the U.S.

Considered a National Living Treasure, artist Shoji Hamada crafted pottery art to reflect beauty and usefulness. Prized collectibles include enamel yunomi (tea cups), lidded bowls, molded stoneware vases and bottles, and plates characterized by delicate trails of kaki glaze. Visitors to Japan can view where Shoji Hamada lived and worked, along with his indelible contributions to the world of art, at the Mashiko Sankokan Museum and the Museum of Oriental Ceramics. Add character to your living space with unique pottery art for sale at Invaluable.
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