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Maggi Hambling, a contemporary artist and sculptor, has become a household name in the United Kingdom for both her energetic artwork and her incisive art commentary. Born in 1945, Hambling spent the 1960s studying at prestigious English art schools. Since then, Maggi Hambling's paintings have been displayed in preeminent spaces like the National Gallery and British Museum. 

In 2002, Hambling began making daily sojourns to the North Sea near her home in Suffolk. Inspired by this powerful shoreline, Maggi Hambling's paintings capture the ephemeral zenith of waves as they crest and break. Her large-scale immersive paintings place viewers nearly inside each wave. Indeed, fans of her work have commented that the paintings leave them seasick, such is the dynamism of Maggi Hambling's prints and art for sale. Art lovers looking for pieces to take them away and into the waves can find contemporary seascape paintings online and at auction.
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