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Hans Zatzka


Painter, Historical-scenes painter, Genre Painter

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Trained at Vienna's Academy of Fine Arts, Hans Zatzka, artist and innovator, is best known for colorful depictions of whimsical, spiritual, and mythological imagery. He frequently focused on allegories and fairy tales, and many of Hans Zatzka's paintings featured women, ranging from the sensuous The Daydream of Demeter to the stately Madonna and Child. He also produced incredibly detailed oil illustrations, with self-explanatory titles, such as Still Life with Flowers, Bird, and Butterflies, and Lilies of the Valley in a Glass.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Hans Zatzka's artwork for sale became popular as so-called bedroom pictures. This was a new format that he pioneered, creating illustrations that fitted smaller wall spaces. Due to certain contract restrictions, the artist Hans Zatzka occasionally worked under different pseudonyms, including Bernard Zatzka, Joseph Bernard, and Pierre de Ronsard. Collectors can find vintage portrait paintings for sale at Invaluable.

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