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By the time artist Ray Harm co-founded the limited edition print industry in America with Wood Hannah in the early 1960s, he had worked in a variety of unrelated fields and attended art school on the GI Bill. Having spent his childhood studying nature at the side of his concert violinist father, his artistic life naturally turned toward wildlife paintings.

He created paintings exclusively from his field sketches and notes, and Ray Harms' prints increased in value each year. He never used photographs to produce his work, but relied solely on his own knowledge and observation skills. Artist Ray Harm's partnership with Hannah until his death in 2015 not only allowed him to make a living from his wildlife paintings, it gave birth to an industry that has benefited thousands of artists. Ray Harm's bird prints for sale are highly-prized by collectors the world over. With so many outstanding examples of wildlife paintings at auction and online, collectors are spoiled for choice.
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