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Sold at Auction: Frederick Hart

Alias:Frederick Elliott Hart


Frederick Hart was a highly regarded 20th century American sculptor and a pioneer in the field. Frederick Hart's acrylic sculptures were unique because of the material he used, calling it sculpting with light. He also worked with bronze and marble, using his art to harken back to an artistic era when human form and anatomy were admired.

He was an apprentice sculptor at the National Cathedral in Washington D.C., learning his craft before eventually winning a competition to design the facade of the National Cathedral, leading to some of the best Frederick Hart sculptures.

The Three Soldiers statue in Washington D.C. may be the most well-known Frederick Hart sculpture, though the Ex Nihilo statue is also revered by viewers in the nation's capital. Art lovers can find replicas of Frederick Hart's Ex Nihilo for sale at various online shops. In addition, many of his other figural sculptures are available at auction and galleries nationwide.
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