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Sold at Auction: Pro Hart

Alias:Kevin Charles Hart


Pro Hart, artist, inventor, and pitch man, started his life as Kevin Charles Hart.  Born in Australia in 1928, Hart was primarily self-taught, but mastered classic painting methods and techniques, including alla prima and chiaroscuro, and created sculptures in ceramic, steel, and bronze. His interest in inventing earned him the nickname Professor, later shortened to Pro. 

Pro Hart's paintings often depicted scenes of the Australian Outback, and he is recognized by some as the leader of the Outback art movement. Wide distribution of artist Pro Hart's work, as well as his TV commercials for easy-clean carpeting, made him well-known throughout Australia. While the art elite considered him an outsider, collectors around the world sought out Pro Hart art for sale, and in 1976 he was awarded an MBE for his contributions to Australian art. Collectors can find a variety of vintage landscape paintings online at Invaluable that capture the essence of untamed wilderness.
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