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London-born artist John Haskins attained his early success as an illustrator for companies such as NASA and Rolls Royce, but could not resist his first love of painting. He earned a City and Guilds Diploma in illustration and went on to create and run his own publishing company before leaving it all behind to devote his life's work fully to his paintings, where he achieved even more recognition as a 20th and 21st century artist. John Haskins' work as a painter focuses mostly on his two daughters, rural landscapes, and the finer details of nature and life.  

John Haskins' art has been featured in one-man shows and exhibitions around the world, including in Paris, Los Angeles, London, and Sydney. His popular works include Fishing for Tiddlers, A Sunny Corner, Venetian Sunset, and In The Rock Pool. Buy seascape paintings from Invaluable to showcase the majesty of the ocean or to stir childhood memories of lazy summer days on the beach.
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