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John Haymson was born in Austria in the early 1900s, and he was accepted into the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts at the age of 16. After studying graphics in France and Germany in the 1930s, he started painting designs on silk for the textile industry. During WWII, John Haymson's painting skills proved useful. The artist did portraits of Nazi officials and their families until visas came through, keeping him and his wife from being sent to a concentration camp. After arriving in the United States, John Haymson's paintings took on a new life. He began doing detailed portraits and American cityscapes in watercolor, oils, and lithographs.

John Haymson's prints of Emperor Maximillian of Mexico in 1968 are among his most recognized pieces. Today, John Haymson artwork hangs in the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Search for a breath-taking painting of your favorite city and browse sweeping cityscapes online in galleries.
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