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Sold at Auction: Barbara Hepworth

Alias:Dame Barbara HepworthJocelyn Barbara HepworthBarbara Nicholson
Stone sculptorWood SculptorSculptor


Artist Barbara Hepworth was a driving force in the modern sculpture movement. Hepworth was born in England in 1903, and she studied art at Leeds College of Art and the Royal College of Art. Afterward, she traveled to Italy where she learned stone carving; at that time, this was an unconventional course of study for a sculptor. Barbara Hepworth's sculpture work continued to take unexpected paths as she pioneered abstract carved pieces in unorthodox materials like stone and wood. 

In addition to her work in sculpture, Barbara Hepworth also produced a series of successful figure drawings after World War II. These prints for sale by Barbara Hepworth were warmly received as some of her most accessible work. However, in her later years, Hepworth returned to abstract sculpture, displaying her multi-sculpture pieces in a garden, symbolic of man's relationship with nature. Abstract enthusiasts will find unique modern sculpture for sale at Invaluable.
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