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Born in 1920, British artist Patrick Heron is known worldwide as an accomplished art critic and writer. Painter Patrick Heron designed his first silk screen in 1938, five years after he began his apprenticeship with Paul Cezanne. His first solo exhibition was at the Redfern Gallery, London, in 1947. His silkscreens are color-rich with sharp lines and edges, and show his skill with abstract interpretation. Subsequent influences by the American Abstract Expressionists emerge in his mid-1950s paintings Square Leaves and Winter Harbour.

While exhibiting at the John Moores Prize Exhibition in Liverpool in 1957, artist Patrick Heron won first prize. Landscape, seasonal, and still-life themed artwork is the primary focus of most Patrick Heron abstract paintings for sale. His piece Winter Harbour , among others, is still replicated in print. Challenge your perceptions of conventional artistic beauty by browsing through thought-provoking mid-century abstract paintings online.
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