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Sold at Auction: John Frederick (1795) Herring

Alias:John Frederick Herring
Character PainterSport painterAnimal painterGenre PainterPainterIllustrator


Artist John Frederick Herring, Sr., was an English painter born in 1795, who used oils on canvas. He was best known for his horse portraits, racehorses with riders up, hunting scenes, and family farm animals. John Frederick Herring's paintings were reproduced widely, including dozens of winners of the St. Leger Stakes and the Derby as engravings. Other reproductions of his work encompassed lithographs, aquatints, and even giclees.

Many knew Artist John Frederick Herring for his Pharaoh's Horses, a highly popular portrait study of three gray Arabian stallions, charging with nostrils flaring and manes flowing, which conveys the grandeur of power and motion. The model was his own Arabian Imaum, which Queen Victoria had once owned. In addition to horse and animal pieces, John Frederick Herring's artwork also included narratives and scenes illustrating agriculture. You can find a variety of modern and vintage oil paintings for sale at Invaluable.
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