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Artist John Frederick Herring was a 19th century British painter. His work mainly focused on animal and sporting themes, and he was known to collaborate on paintings with his three sons, who were also talented artists. The artwork of John Frederick Herring Sr. was highly regarded by his peers, who appreciated his trademark warmth and sensitivity in his paintings.  

Artist John Frederick Herring always held a soft spot for horses as a child, and one of his first jobs was decorating horse-drawn carriages before moving to commissioned pieces for the aristocracy. He had the honor of creating many paintings for Queen Victoria and the Duchess of Kent. 

Original paintings by John Frederick Herring Sr. can be seen in prestigious galleries including the Tate Gallery, London and the Watford Museum Collection of Fine Art. To experience other artists of a similar caliber and style, browse Invaluable to see masterful animal paintings for sale.
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