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Sold at Auction: Hans Heysen

Alias:Ernst Hans Franz HeysenWilhelm Ernst Hans Franz Heysen
Landscape painterGenre PainterNaval painterPainter


German-born artist Hans Heysen emigrated to Australia as a child and studied art in Paris before returning to Adelaide to set up a studio. An exhibition of Hans Heysen's paintings in 1912 was the beginning of his long, successful career as a landscape artist, and he became known for incredibly detailed depictions of nature. Heysen’s love of the natural environment was mirrored in his personal life; he is viewed as an early conservationist, lobbying to preserve trees in the town of Hahndorf and purchasing over 100 acres of land to save it for the future.

His artwork won numerous awards throughout the 20th century, culminating in an OBE and knighthood before his death in 1968. Hans Heysen's paintings and prints enjoyed a 21st-century renaissance with an exhibition at the Art Gallery of South Australia. It's possible to find Hans Heysen artwork for sale as prints or originals at galleries around the world. Browse nature-themed watercolors at Invaluable to bring a little bit of Mother Nature into your home.
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