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Sold at Auction: Victor Higgins

Alias:W. Victor HigginsWilliam Victor Higgins
Landscape painterGenre PainterPainter


Artist Victor Higgins was an American painter of still life, figural motifs, and particularly landscapes, largely in oils or watercolors on canvas. In 1914, he embarked on a painting trip to Taos, New Mexico. This is where many of Victor Higgins' paintings are set, and Higgins essentially fathered the Taos art colony that exists to this day.

His paintings reflect the pastel and earthen tonality of the New Mexico environment, and he always continued to experiment stylistically. As an artist, Victor Higgins essentially began as an academic realist but shifted to myth- and fantasy-based modernism, and then to abstraction. Victor Higgins' artwork for sale may be rendered in a soft Impressionist style or a more angular Cubist style. Expand your collection with some of the many striking landscape paintings on offer at galleries and auctions.
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