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Sold at Auction: Hiroshige (1797)

Alias: Andō Hiroshige Hiroshige (1797)Andō HiroshigeIchinisai HiroshigeUtagawa Hiroshige Ichiryūsai Ichiyūsai Jūbei Jūemon Montonaga Ryūsai Ryusai Tōkaidō Utashige Tokubei Tokutarō Utagawa TokutarōHiroshige UntagawaHiroshige Utagawa


Japanese abstract artist Hiroshige, born Ando Tokutaro in 1797, was recognized early on by Western Impressionists for his landscapes. His ukiyo-e  woodblock print work still defines him as one of the last masters. He began studying at a  young age under ukiyo-e master Utagawa Toyohiro. Hiroshige’s paintings initially featured figures such as samurai, actors, and women, but eventually he shifted to landscapes, including his best-known work, Fifty-three Stations of the Tokaido. Ukiyo-e art featured pictures of the floating world and often depicted entertainment districts in urban areas. As an abstract artist, Hiroshige brought an almost surreal yet intimate feel to these scenes. Despite the fact that he created thousands of works during his lifetime, Hiroshige print values have held up over the ensuing centuries. If you're a fan of ukiyo-e, kacho-e, and other classic art forms, peruse exqusite Japanese prints for sale from galleries online and add a soothing or sensual touch to your world.
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