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Sold at Auction: Al Hirschfeld

Alias:Al HirschfeldAlbert (1903) Hirschfeld


Al Hirschfeld is one of America's more unusual artists. The New York City Landmarks Commission designated him a Living Landmark in 1996, and in 2000 the Library of Congress declared him a Living Legend. Al Hirschfeld's drawings, that he creates from a barber's chair in his Manhattan loft, captivated readers of The New York Times and other publications by catching the essence of his actor subjects. After the 1945 birth of his daughter Nina, Hirschfeld started his most notable eccentricity: concealing her name within the linework of his caricatures. Eventually, his drawings included a number near his signature, indicating how many times the name was concealed.

Some of the most recognizable Al Hirschfeld prints and lithographs feature celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Danny Kaye, and Carol Channing. Al Hirschfeld's drawings, lithographs, and prints are among the wide collection of caricature drawings available online and at auction.
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