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Sold at Auction: David Hockney

Alias:David Hochney


Experimenting with many forms of art through mediums like acrylic canvases and lithographs, David Hockney used his love of family and friends, his delight of nature, and his appreciation of himself to produce some of his most iconic work. David Hockney's prints are colorful expositions much-loved by contemporary art collectors. He used his time at London's Royal College of Art to explore homosexuality in his artwork at a time when it was still a criminal offense in Britain.

David Hockney also experimented with photography and produced photocollages with Polaroids and snapshot cameras as well as graphic art created on modern electronic devices. David Hockney's prints demonstrate just a fraction of his talent, and David Hockney's etchings and lithographs for sale or prints of works such as A Bounce for Bradford and An Imaginary Landscape are highly collectible. Browse contemporary lithographs for sale online and at auction to find the right piece to enhance your living space.
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