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Sold at Auction: William (1697) Hogarth

Alias:William (1697) Hogarth
Paintercopperplate engraverEtcherCaricaturistMiniature painter


William Hogarth's artwork ran the gamut from portraiture to more satirical works. William Hogarth's paintings were influenced by French and Italian paintings and engravings of the human form. As a realist, his paintings took on the expression and movement of humanity and often depicted the more undesirable parts of society. Hogarth prints vary from weddings to traveling showgirls and festivals.

William Hogarth's artwork also included engravings that were so frequently copied that he lobbied for the Copyright Act of 1735 to help protect him and his fellow artists. His satirical engravings and work in literary endeavors remain among his most recognizable works to this day. Around the 1740s, he began doing sittings of middle-class personalities. You can buy antique portrait paintings online or at auction to bring character and personality to your home.
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