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Artist August Holland demonstrated an interest in art at the age of six, prompting his painter uncle to supply him with tools of the trade. Born in Illinois in 1928, Holland sent a painting to Popular Science Magazine at the age of 15, hoping they would use it as an illustration. However, the magazine instead printed the painting on its own with a complimentary comment. After attending the American Academy of Art in Chicago, artist August Holland eventually found recognition in the Windy City. Goes Lithographing was his first publisher there, printing what has become his most popular work,The Pearl of Wisdom. It's one of three August Holland paintings referred to as the Tiki works because of their Polynesian vibe. The artist's power of detail shows in his maritime work, particularly his depictions of great sailing ships at sea. August Holland seascapes for sale still command attention. Sail onto the briny sea with many artists' maritime visions for sale at Invaluable.
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