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Sold at Auction: Winslow Homer

Alias:Winslaw Homer
Landscape painterNaval painterGenre PainterLithographerIllustratorPainterEtcher


Born in Boston in 1836, Winslow Homer learned to paint from his mother, an amateur artist. At 19, Homer began apprenticing with a Boston lithograph company where he mastered design work. After some years of copy making, Homer submitted his own art to Harper's Weekly, and the first of Winslow Homer's drawings was published. Homer worked successfully as a freelance illustrator for the next 20 years. Despite the commercial success of Winslow Homer's drawings, he taught himself to paint, switching the focus of his work to mariners, their spouses, and seafaring communities. As a result, Winslow Homer oil paintings capture the brutal struggle between man and nature. Later works use watercolor and become more abstract, but don't stray from seascapes. Because of his posthumous popularity, the value of Winslow Homer prints is on the rise. Capture the power and fury of nature with seascape prints for sale at auction worldwide.
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