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Artist Edward Hopper's city scenes are among some of the most distinctive works of the Ashcan School of art, even though he refused to acknowledge being a member of any particular school of painting. However, Edward Hopper's landscape paintings and his posters and prints are equally significant. A true artistic polymath, Hopper worked in a number of media, including watercolors and oils, and a variety of subjects.

Hopper began to get appropriate recognition when the Brooklyn Museum exhibited six Edward Hopper landscape paintings -- his Gloucester watercolors -- and bought one of them for their permanent collection. Hopper's primary themes were boredom, loneliness, regret, resignation, and solitude, whether his subjects are alone or among people.

During World War I, Edward Hopper posters/prints, such as Smashing the Hun, were quite popular. Discerning collectors find a wide selection of vintage and collectible prints and posters for sale online at Invaluable.
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