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Sold at Auction: Mansoureh Hosseini

Alias:Mansooreh Hosseini


Mansooreh Hosseini ( born 1 September 1926[1] – 13 June 2012) was an Iranian contemporary artist and one of the pioneers of the country’s modern art.

Life: At a young age, it was discovered that she had a talent for drawing, which compelled her father to hire a painting tutor to help her work to her potential. Later on, she was educated at the University of Tehran in the Faculty of Fine Arts, from which she graduated in 1949. Mansooreh left Iran in the early 1950s to live in Italy, where she furthered her education at the Rome Academy of Fine Arts leading up to her artistic début at the 28th (XXVIII) Venice Biennial in 1956.

After a moderately successful period in Italy, Mansooreh returned to Iran in 1959 and won several awards in the Tehran Painting Biennial. In 2004 she exhibited at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art.

Styles: Mansooreh is known for having produced works in both figurative and abstract styles. Her works have often included elements of Kufic script. She is known, along with Behjat Sadr, to use traditional elements of both the Persian culture and that of contemporary Europeans. She is considered to be an experimentalist. She is a Permanent Member of Islamic Republic of Iran's Academy of Arts.

Death: Mansooreh Hosseini's body was found in her home by neighbours on 28 June 2012, 15 days after her death. She was 86 years old. Earlier in 2012 she was moved to hospital due to her heart disease and age.
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