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Robert Hughes


Robert worked at home and displayed his paintings in a gallery adjoining his studio. Like many artists, he would listen to music while painting, a combination which helped him produce some of the finest miniatures available today. The detail in Robert's paintings was achieved without the aid of a magnifying glass, but he used up to twelve brushes for each one. He mostly worked in oils but varied his media with gouache and watercolor. The palette he used was based on eight earth colors, such as yellow ochre and burnt sienna, plus black and white. Once he had painted the main scene he would often add figures and animals.

Robert started painting professionally in 1982 without ever having received any formal training. His first exhibitions in Marlborough, UK soon gained him a reputation in the art world.

He and his partner Elizabeth Johnson published a book called "How to Paint Miniatures" [published by the Apple Press, 1994]

Robert Hughes died in April 2010.

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