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Artist Lynn Bogue Hunt was born in upstate New York but raised in Michigan, where his mother encouraged both his avid hunting and constant sketching. After three years of art study at Albion College, Hunt perfected his craft working as a newspaper artist. In 1903, Hunt relocated to New York to be a freelance illustrator. Almost immediately, Lynn Bogue Hunt's prints of fishing and hunting attracted the attention of companies like DuPont, a gunpowder manufacturer, and the magazine Field & Stream.

Lynn Bogue Hunt's artwork for sale brilliantly captured both the drama of the hunt and the vitality of the outdoors, establishing him as the preeminent sporting artist of his time. As a consummate hunter and angler himself, Hunt married his personal passion with his vocation. Many prints by Lynn Bogue Hunt have been amassed in private collections, but keen sportsmen will find other vibrant collectible animal prints for sale at auction.
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