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Sold at Auction: Clementine Hunter

Alias:Clementine Reuben Hunter


Born to Mary Adams, a descendant of Virginian slaves, and Janvier Rueben, who was of Irish and Native American heritage, Louisiana folk artist Clementine Hunter spent most of her early life on plantations. Clementine Hunter's prints were vivid replications of her abstract oil paintings, created from memories of her time on southern plantations. Religious scenes, recreation, portraiture, and nature scenes from Melrose Plantation were all subjects of Clementine Hunter's prints. 

Marie Therese, a freed Congo native, founded Melrose Plantation in the 1790s, and it became an artists' colony during the time Hunter lived there. Clementine Hunter's paintings for sale are more valuable and sought after because of her unofficial title of most famous female artist of Louisiana. Capture the culture of another place and time by buying remarkable figural paintings online from galleries and at auction.
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